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Welcome to South Los Altos!


September 13, 2022: A letter of thanks

After years in the making, South Los Altos Neighborhood is incredibly grateful to see a longtime project
come to fruition. Copper trail began as a dream amongst neighbors, a dream that would unite this small
community from East to West and provide opportunities such as physical fitness, afternoon strolls, doggie day
walks, and safe passage for the students of Hawthorne Elementary. Through countless years of discussions, emails, phone calls, letters, and in person visits, the most passionate members of our community never gave up
on the dream. Today marks a momentous occasion that small voices could lead to big improvements in the lives
of many not just today, but for many years to come.

Our community would like to thank all those individuals who played a part in this project from start to
finish including past South Los Altos Neighborhood Association (SLANA) Presidents Arthur Bazan & Eileen
Jessen, the Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department, and our City and State Representatives like Mimi
Stewart. It is through these collaborations that true change is made.

The South Los Altos Neighborhood Association would like to take this moment to appreciate all the
tools at our disposal, all the hands that provide day in and out labor, and all the voices that advocate for change
and progress. We would like to ensure that not just today, but every day we look forward to improving our
neighborhood and in turn the entire City of Albuquerque to be a safer, cleaner, and more inviting place to live.


May 24, 2021: As we approach Flag Day (June 14), please take a minute to read this short article on flag etiquette, prepared for us by long-time Board Member Allen Osborn.  Thanks Allen!  (By the way---our board members are listed on our Contact page.)

April 2020: Our website has recently undergone an upgrade to make if more phone-compatible, and we are in the process of adding content.  Your patience is appreciated!

At the last general meeting in February, a new board was elected, and new updated by-laws were passed and have been submitted to the ONC (Office of Neighborhood Coordination) with the city of Albuquerque.  Shortly after that, the entire world came to a halt over the world-wide corona virus pandemic.  Many activities and goals have been put on hold.

One goal, however, is proceeding: to work on our communication with the neighborhood regarding meetings, events, and other areas of concern.  This website is one part of a multi-faceted approach to better communication.

We look forward to rebounding from the current stay-at-home restrictions and again becoming a vibrant and involved community of neighbors.  Meanwhile, check out the new website and contact us if you have any suggestions! And, please stay healthy and safe during this period!

What is SLANA?


SLANA (South Los Altos Neighborhood Association) is an independent, all-volunteer organization recognized by The City of Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination.  We are also a nonprofit corporation with the State of New Mexico and have IRS 501(c)(4) tax exempt status.

SLANA is NOT a homeowners association.  We do not impose rules or restrictions, but we do meet regularly to come up with ways to improve life in our neighborhood.

The boundaries of SLANA are:

Wyoming Blvd. to the West, Central Ave. to the South, Eubank Blvd. to the East, and Copper Ave. to the North, including physical addresses on both sides of Copper.


For other important legal info see our documents page.



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