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The board has had a very active fall, and there is much to report at the next annual meeting on Feb. 25, 2020 at 6pm.  Among the more abitious tasks has been a considerable update to the 17-year-old bylaws that we currently operate under.  The current, and proposed, bylaws can be read or downloaded with the links below:


Current Official SLANA bylaws, 2003 (PDF)


Proposed bylaws Jan. 2020 (PDF)


At the annual general membership meeting there will be a vote to approve the new bylaws.  Please attend and participate!  Resident and Business members in good standing ($5 dues paid up) will be able to vote on the new bylaws.



Message from the President


It has meant the world to me to be a part of South Los Altos Neighborhood Association. I would like to start by thanking the board members, we accomplished a great deal over th last 12 years. The Neighborhood signs on Cooper. The start of Daniel Webster Park, which I look forward to its completion in the years to come. We also will see a new walking trail in front of Los Altos golf course along Copper. This will be an amazing improvement to the foot print of our neighborhood. The street in front of the Hawthorne Elementary School has been paved. The relationship we created with Hawthorne has been an huge asset to our organization. Both Principals Penelope Buschardt and Judy Martin Tafoya have been instrumental in keeping out school alive. Janice Harder and Alma Arango both have been extremely helpful to our neighborhood association. We have been especially Blessed to work with fantastic city leaders: Past City Counselor Rey Garduno, our present City Counselor Patrick Davis, State Senator Mimi Stewart, and Representative Debbie Sarinana without these leaders we would not have the funding to get all our projects completed. We are truly blessed to have so many folks that care about our neighborhood. I have loved being a part of the SLANA. I adore this neighborhood. I am very proud to have been President over the past 8 years. I will miss the job very much.


Eileen Jessen

SLANA President






South Los Altos Neighborhood Association (SLANA) is seeking candidates to serve on its Board of Directors.

This is an opportunity for South Los Altos residents, business owners/managers, or rental property owners to contribute to the betterment of our neighborhood. A ballot of candidates will be presented to members to vote on at the annual meeting tentatively scheduled for February 25, 2020, 6-8 PM at the Hawthorne Elementary School Library.  


We are especially interested in candidates who are fluent in Spanish as well as English.


If you are interested in being a candidate, please contact:  

Debbie: 505-340-6949, or Jim: 631-987-4131,


Note: Candidates must become SLANA members if not already a member.  Membership is only $5.00 per year.  










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Neighborhood Association Meeting


Tuesday, Feb. 25, 5:30-7:30 pm


Hawthorne Elementary School



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